pic : Mathilde Hiley
pic : Mathilde Hiley
pic : Mathilde Hiley
pic : Mathilde Hiley
→ collection 0°C 
for the company ciments H

Creation of a series of products designed to showcase this new, ecologically innovative material. Intended for the building industry, this material application, on the scale of home accessories, opens up new opportunities for thinking about the manufacture of objects with a lower carbon footprint.  /FR

→ collection -1°C 

Production of unique, made-to-measure pieces, somewhere between objects and sculptures. Intended for events, hotels and private interiors, each object is designed to match the materials and colors of its location.
Price and production on demand.  /FR

→ 12 ans d'écart
For l'hôtel du large 

Creation and painting, as a duo, of a canvas for the Hotel du Large suite.

Twelve is the age that separates my older sister and me. Guided by her example, she inspired me to take a closer look at color relationships and materials in order to develop my own creative universe. Following her footsteps, I enrolled at the Duperré school. 

This first family collaboration resulted in a series of canvases combining my formal universe, our sensitivity for color and the subtlety of her floral design.    /FR

Price and production on demand.
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